(via Mario vs. The Spy)

I had the idea for this clear in my head and the result is pretty close to that initial concept. A good ol’ fistfight is not in the Spy’s modus operandi so it had to be a backstab. I was tempted to have Mario looking back, as if knowing that something was off, but I decided to have the Spy be competent at his job. The Luigi disguise occured to me pretty early on and, try as I might, I could not find a decent hat that would work well with that idea (pretty sure the Spy has some of the worst hats in the game). I was close to giving him the Exorcizor as a misc. but that really changed the “mood” of the character so I just went with the Made Man and called it a day.

They’re in the sewers of ctf_doublecross and, as usual, working on the background was very frustrating but, after toying around for a while, I arrived at something that I was satisfied, although not quite in love with.